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It’s Time to Walk-the-Talk on Decentralized Governance

The time has come, they say, to move past the backroom wheeling and dealing – a hegemon calling all the shots, or a corrupt small group protecting special interests. DevCon, the ethereum conference in October, proved that crypto people (entrepreneurs, coders, users) want equal governance as an active goal of crypto projects. Cryptocurrency users are…

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Ether Price Targets $160 as Altcoins Rally and BTC Trades Sideways thumbnail

Ether Price Targets $160 as Altcoins Rally and BTC Trades Sideways

Altcoins continue to take advantage of Bitcoin’s sideways trading and traders who take a quick glance at the altcoin-to-Bitcoin pairings at their exchange of choice will notice that many of the altcoins are again posting double-digit gains.  At the time of writing, THETA is up 13.26%, KyberNetwork (KNC) 18% and TomoChain (TOMO) has rallied 16.09%.…

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Mining Report Shows 65% of Bitcoin’s Hashpower Stems From China thumbnail

Mining Report Shows 65% of Bitcoin’s Hashpower Stems From China

As the end of 2019 approaches, Coinshares Research has published its bi-annual mining report that contains informative research and observations about the bitcoin mining industry. Since Coinshare’s last report published in June, BTC’s hashrate grew by 50 exahash per second (EH/s) and the firm believes a decent portion of the power stems from China. Also…

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AI Research Reveals Crypto Leaders Are Angry and Depressed thumbnail

AI Research Reveals Crypto Leaders Are Angry and Depressed

An artificial intelligence-driven personality research on the characteristics of crypto industry leaders such as Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun, and Brian Armstrong found that intellect, liberalism, and cautiousness are their top personality traits. And a comparison with general tech titans showed that crypto leaders are 98.4% more likely to demonstrate anger and 46.4% more likely to…

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The Year in Crypto Journalism: Truth Will Always Be Human

Starting a company is very hard, and the people who do it successfully are extraordinary, but being extraordinary isn’t the same thing as being perfect (there are also, it should be noted, a lot of ways of being extraordinary that don’t involve starting a company, or even making a lot of money). Leaders who don’t…

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Enterprise Blockchain on … Bitcoin? Bitfury Is Giving It a Go With Exonum

“Blockchain, not Bitcoin.”This rallying cry became a hallmark of the 2017 market boom and continued to reverberate in the subsequent cryptocurrency bear market. Entrepreneurs and institutions from every corner of every industry tried to shoehorn blockchains into use cases for everything from pharmaceuticals to bananas. “Just slap a blockchain on it,” the idea went, and thus…

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Blockchain Faces Big Challenges But the Opportunity Is Enormous

“The late 20th Century digitization of information through the Internet took place in a regulatory ‘light’ zone due to the US Constitution’s protection of speech from Federal government interference. Conversely, the early 21st Century digitization of value is taking place in regulatory ‘heavy’ zone because of the long-established authority of US state and federal governments to…

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Op Ed: Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin Opens Up New Frontiers

Decentralized finance (DeFi), while still in its early days, promises to redevelop critical financial services in a way that is trustless, transparent and controlled by the consumer. This has major implications for people across the world with limited access to financial services but also to crypto traders and savvy investors who are looking for new…

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