Job Description

Looking for blockchain developer, who could also be a backend developer with some experience in the blockchain. They should have the following skills:

  • Ethereum
  • solidity
  • IPFS (in production, ideally with an encryption layer)

Company Profile:

Who we are: Trace is a very early stage startup that I created with my co-founder two months ago. Trace is a cannabis seed-to-sale tracking application that verifies provenance of cannabis products ensuring quality, content, and ownership of cannabis goods within a contained supply chain through blockchain technology. Trace will provide a source of truth in a market ripe with misinformation and poorly constructed oversight. We are a blockchain-based supply chain tracking application for the cannabis industry in the State of Vermont. The reason we chose this as our initial proof of concept is because of a confluence of pro-blockchain legislation in the state of Vermont with recent and upcoming cannabis legalization. Paired with my extensive experience in blockchain and my partner’s extensive experience in the legal cannabis industry, leads to a big opportunity to succeed where others have failed.

Who we are not: We believe that that reason so many companies in the “blockchain for cannabis” industry and failed is that nature of both the Cannabis industry and the Blockchain industry demand higher standards of ethics and transparency, as well as a focus on lobbying and PR within a particular jurisdiction. This is why we are NOT going to hold a token sale intially, as it does not serve a direct purpose and would be counterproductive toward building trust of customers and regulators. Our experience has also shown us that other blockchain-based supply chain companies lack a focus on a particular industry and jurisdiction, and are therefore unable to navigate the compex political and legal environments that are specific to their locale.

We know that bringing the blockchain to the cannabis industry is all about politics and execution. We are laser-focused on this POC in VT cannabis industry, where both co-founders are from and maintain active connections in politics. We are talking with top state government officials, and working closely with the state’s top lobbying firm to spread our message in advance of the expected commercial legalization in 2019. Once we have proven that we are able to increase the public health and market efficiency with our product in the US cannabis industry for the first time, our track record and reputability among regulators will allow us to expand to other, larger states.

Our recent pivot: Previously, our tech-stack was going to be built on an existing blockchain-for-supply-chain platform. However, due to a lack of flexibility in their tech platform that we would have needed, and potential conflicts of interest, we decided at the last minute to back out of the deal. We decided instead to build our tech platform from scratch, so that we do not need to worry about compliance with another company’s PR and legal needs, and so that we can special tailor the system for our use case.

As of 3/08/2018, we have also engaged a top-tier software dev shop in NYC called Fueled to help develop this platform. We negotiated a very large discount on their development services becase of their desire to enter the blockchain space. This means that we can build a better product cheaper and faster than we could with our previous strategy, and ultimately have a more valuable company since all software will be built in-house.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Commission

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Job Location:

  • New York, NY


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