Job Description

nCent Labs is a well-funded, Stanford spin-out blockchain startup backed by Sequoia, SV Angel, MetaStable, Naval Ravikant and others… with a bold mission to create a freer and fairer decentralized internet, where the USERS directly benefit from the network effects they create and own.

This position has the potential to make an uncommonly high impact towards this uncommonly bold mission. We have a learner-teacher culture that prizes novel yet elegant code and solutions, original research-based thinking, and above all shipping robust code…

We are also all on a perpetual hunt to find the “proverbial” 11th Red Balloon (see the following paper…… if you think you can help us, join the hunt!

As this is an early stage technical startup we are looking for a “best athlete” hire with a startup mentality. Experience in Blockchains or startups is not required.

An interest in, exposure to, and experience with shipping code in: Distributed Systems, Cryptocurrency, Social Networking, Network Security, Game Theory, Applied Macroeconomics and related fields is helpful, though not required in the presence of other exceptional characteristics.

For this role, familiarity with a system level language is required, such as: C/C++, Java, Go, Rust etc… you will become proficient in Go working here.

This position is for an individual contributor track and not the engineering manager track at this time. We respect candidates who have shipped robust code.

Generous token based incentive compensation. Complimentary meals. Weekly technical reading circles. Employee referral bonuses.


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