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TaxToken is a blockchain-as-a-service company that leverages distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence to provide financial, accounting and tax solutions to companies and individuals. Integration with smart cards and smart contracts provides innovative ways to solve both old and new problems. TaxToken’s first application, a Capital Asset Manager, calculates capital gains and losses from buying, selling, trading, and mining cryptocurrencies, aiding taxpayers and companies with assurance and compliance. TaxToken is creating the necessary accounting infrastructure for the future.

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Job Description:

TaxToken is currently looking for web developers with experience in Java using the Spring Framework. Your day to day activities will include creating RESTful endpoints, utilizing Thymeleaf to generate dynamic content on the server side, using JavaScript and jQuery to interact with the backend, using multithreading Scheduled Tasks to interact with third party APIs, and doing this all while committing to Github best practices. Knowledge/prior experience with the aforementioned technologies is preferred, but most importantly we want a “get sh*t done” type of attitude in our employees. This isn’t a 9-5 job, it’s a meet your deadlines early and take a few days off kind of job mixed with a friendly work culture. Come join the TaxToken family.


  • Creating RESTful endpoints
  • Creating and modifying Thymeleaf templates
  • Adding/modifying front end functionality with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Pulling information with third party APIs from Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Blockchain Explorers
  • Listening to your CTO complain about how people use technology


  • Java experience
  • Passes the Programming Assignment given

Job Type: Full-time


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