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About itBit

itBit is a global exchange and custodian offering institutional and retail investors a regulated platform to buy, sell and hold crypto assets. itBit was founded in Singapore in 2012. Since then, its U.S. affiliate obtained a New York State trust company charter and became the first regulated Bitcoin exchange in the U.S. itBit is focuses on meeting the sophisticated needs of institutions, active traders and other bitcoin trading professionals. In addition to Singapore, itBit has an office in New York.

We are looking for a Head of Engineering for our itBit engineering team. itBit engineering team is responsible for building and maintaining the platform offering investors a regulated platform to buy, sell and hold crypto assets. The Director will oversee a team of Engineers and Engineering Managers and will have a significant impact on the future growth and direction of the business.

We hold ourselves to a very high hiring bar. To achieve this, we think of roles first and foremost as outcomes to be achieved, not simply a description of responsibilities. We have developed what we call a ‘Success Profile’ for this role, which has two sections:

  • Outcomes: Meaningful and measurable work products that have a significant impact on the team and business over a defined timeframe
  • How to Achieve Outcomes: We have a strong point of view on how this role will succeed in achieving outcomes at itBit. So, we have taken the Operating System of itBit – our values – and made it relevant to this role.


  • Guide and coach a team of engineers and engineering leaders to design and build out itBit’s custody and exchange platform. Success is measured by the delivery of high quality, highly available, scalable and secure systems that can achieve set business metrics.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to define and deliver the technical vision for the platform. Success is measured by the ability to surface intelligent insights on platform performance and engagement that lead to key decisions on the future of the platform, our ability to serve clients/customers etc.
  • Strategically balance immediate vs. long-term product work by making thoughtful decisions on accumulating technical debt vs. longer term development. Success is measured by the right balance between feature completeness, polish and time-to-market to meet business outcomes.
  • Build and develop a world-class engineering team. Success is defined by constantly giving timely feedback, rewarding and growing the best engineers and leaders, investing in development of leaders as well as quick/swift action on poor performance.

How to achieve the Outcomes

Functional acumen required:

  • Have a strong technical background and spend some of their time researching new technologies and staying abreast of trends in the tech industry. Capable of jumping in to help debug and triage critical systems, and should understand the systems they oversee well enough to perform code reviews and help research problems as needed.
  • Contribute to the architecture and design efforts primarily by serving as the technically-savvy voice that asks business and product questions of the engineers on their teams, ensuring that the code matches the business needs and can scale appropriately as those needs grow.

Shared commitment to excellence:

  • Have a very high bar for the product as it impacts the end customer/client and relentlessly advocate for a infrastructural approach to solve persistent problems. Coach and develop your entire organization to hold the same bar in their interaction with cross-functional stakeholders.
  • Advocate for itBit as a company of choice to potential candidates. Inspire potential recruits to join the company.

Search for the truth:

  • Be able to translate high level business goals for itBit into a strategic operating plan for the itBit Exchange and Custody engineering teams. This includes a plan to translate high level business goals into key objectives, milestones and results for every member of the team as well as develop a strong resourcing plan to meet those goals.
  • Navigate a highly ambiguous and complex engineering infrastructure for itBit between the Exchange and Custody products and make effective trade-offs between operational objectives and strategic customer or business goals.

Be an owner:

  • Strong communicator and can simplify technical concepts in a way to explain them to non-technical partners, and take business direction and explain it to the technology team in a way that inspires and guides them.
  • Leverage past experience and use strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders including customers, senior management and other business leaders.
  • Demonstrate care for team members by showing a good understanding of the experiences that matter the most to each team member and leader during their time at itBit.
  • Recognize, celebrate and reward high impact work.

Real time candor:

  • Do not hesitate to voice ‘engineering truths’ at the right time, in front of the right audience, while making product or client facing decisions that affect the long term viability of the business or the itBit product. Doing so in a way that leads to a better solution is paramount, even if it is inconvenient for others in the moment.
  • Build strong trust with cross-functional partners, particularly in product and the business, by disagreeing with them in an open way when required, but working in earnest to activate a decision that has been made even if it goes against what you wanted to do.

Desired Experience

  • A strong engineering background with progressive growth in role scope that has led to managing multiple engineering teams.
  • Strong background in cryptocurrency/blockchain/cryptography/security space.
  • Startup experience is a huge plus.
  • Experience in strategic decision making balancing build vs buy decisions in the short-term while having a long-term vision of building a strong technology platform.



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