Job Description

We are a multi-asset investment firm that focuses on systematic trading in both blockchain/digital asset and traditional financial markets. Our entrepreneurial spirit and drive to innovate propel our success in these complex and competitive markets.

We leverage our years of experience in identifying and building systematic trading strategies and supporting infrastructure to profitably trade in the most competitive electronic markets in the world. We combine our collective knowledge and experience with our collaborative culture and focused efficiency, forging ahead into exciting emerging markets.

As a researcher in this team you will focus on gleaning insights from vast, heterogeneous, high dimensional data sets. Utilizing novel statistical and machine learning approaches, you will build the models that drive our alpha forward and uncover new trading opportunities.


  • Academic research experience in a highly quantitative discipline (Computer Science, Physics, Math, Statistics, Engineering, etc).
  • Strong understanding of machine learning, statistical approaches and predictive modeling techniques (including regression analysis, neural networks, genetic algorithms, SVM, etc.), the underlying assumptions they make, their limitations, and the proper use case for each methodology.
  • Proven ability to apply these modeling approaches to identify and forecast with a high level of out of sample accuracy
  • Experience using compute clusters to conduct computational costly statistical research


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