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Technical Business Development Lead


About Gitcoin:
Open source software delivers billions of dollars per year in economic value, but the developers themselves aren’t properly incentivized or compensated. Gitcoin is an incentivization power-tool for open source software repositories. Gitcoin pushes open source forward by enabling software developers to fund open source software with ether and Ethereum-based tokens. Gitcoin is the first blockchain-enabled funding tool built by and for software developers. For more information, please go to Gitcoin’s website ( ).

The Role:
The technical business development manager is a hybrid role as our business development lead and our first ‘account manager’, specifically in the open source software space. This person will own all business development outcomes, assume account management responsibilities on Github repo’s, and help us plug in with open source companies in Web 3.

We are specifically looking for business development managers to support our partnership activities with open source web 3 projects. The day to day role begins by reaching out to a vast array of potential partners and clients, including:

  • Open source repo maintainers (emphasis on web3 repos): To partner with them to begin ‘Gitcoin Bounty Program’s’ on their repositories, identify Github issues which might be good bounties, and provide account management
  • Educational partners (universities, hackathon organizers, web3 education platforms): To see whether they have a) developers interested in the platform, b) open source projects which deserve a bounty, or c) partnership ideas to train the next generation of developers
  • Funders: People interested in funding open source projects, looking for a good way to provide capital towards development

It’s important to us that you have a clear enthusiasm and aptitude for learning about new industries, technologies, and how they fit together. If you have previous experience in software development and/or have a deep understanding of the blockchain / Ethereum ecosystem, then this position is designed for you.

This role does not come neatly packaged or defined. You should expect it to change during your time at ConsenSys, to evolve as our organization evolves. What does that mean for you? We think that means you will have an opportunity to create an exciting role with plenty of growth potential over time.

When we interview you, we will be looking for people with high levels of emotional intelligence who are also intellectually curious, always professional, dynamic in conversation, charismatic, and persuasive. You must be able to ask specific yet articulate questions, quickly synthesize insights from patterns in conversation, and reflect back the key points from a conversation in order to get alignment, commitments, and lay out next steps.

From a tactical standpoint, you are highly effective at leading discovery meetings, taking thorough notes, continuously qualifying opportunities in or out of the pipeline, designing and presenting bespoke sales proposals to key stakeholders, and overcoming challenges and objections to get to commitments. You must take a hands on approach throughout the contract / negotiation phase to ensure all stakeholders sign off on the engagement with agreeable terms. Last but not least, we expect the business development manager to complete a successful project handover to the delivery team assigned to the project and maintain the client relationship through the delivery phase.

If you are ready to take the leap in joining a fast growing company in a business development capacity, we encourage you to apply today!


  • Experience selling to startups
  • Demonstrated performance in sales/business development
  • Experience and a successful track record selling new business and products in emerging technology markets
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills
  • Ability to execute many tasks in parallel across multiple threads involving numerous stakeholders and counterparties
  • Commitment to full transparency and collaborative processes where multiple touch and viewpoints go into every lead
  • Ability to qualify leads and counterparties rigorously
  • Commitment to structured negotiations and outcomes
  • Deep passion for developing innovative solutions that surpass or disrupt legacy systems with emerging technologies



  • Excellent written and verbal English and communication skills
  • Experience and demonstrated understanding of either the Web 3 / Ethereum ecosystem ånd/or the Open Source ecosystem
  • 5-10 years minimum work experience, 3-5 in sales or business development
  • 3 years of software engineering or product management experience preferred
  • Familiarity with with CRM tools and pipeline management
  • Experience marketing emerging technologies and a strong interest in blockchain

How to Apply

To apply use the apply functionality on this job board. 95% of candidates are going to do that. If you want to be in the 5% that get noticed, you could do a little research on the project and reach out on Slack ( ), Github ( ), or Twitter ( ).


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