VIDEO: Bitcoin 2049 – Hashwar – Adoption Spooked & Market Nuked? – What Now?

Bitcoin 2049 – Hashwar – Adoption Spooked & Market Nuked? – What Now?

WCN’s forward thinking show “Bitcoin 2049”, Reporting crypto weather / news & events that are shaping the markets of today.

EPISODE 10.1 – What Now…?

Has the recent Hashwar “spooked” Adoption & Nuked the Market? Has Ico liquidation & continued strain under low crypto prices finally collapsing the deck of cards on ico/alts? In the decimated market landscape we see emerging crypto personalities and altcoins all claiming to be the one and holy bitcoin! Whos right? whos bagholding?

It clear global organic adoption is driven by technological & business usage, “hodling” is but the most basic form of uses, will the very business’s & community of the Crypto scene “grow up”, or are we the very thing holding back global crypto adoption?

In the shadow of the mushroom cloud we see ourselves, are the victims of the hashwar the community itself? SV, BAB & BTC

The post apocalypse carnage has certainly been a wakeup call,

EPISODE 10.1 – What Now…?

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Bitcoin 2049 - Hashwar - Adoption Spooked & Market Nuked? - What Now?

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